Our Staff

Natrina, Office Manager,

NatrinaNatrina has been working with Dr. Wolk since 2005, initially as his Medical Assistant, and now continues to work as his MA but also is the Manager of the office. She listens to patients’ needs and responds to them in a compassionate manner.

She is very effective at problem solving, making sure that every patient’s concerns are addressed and their needs are met. Natrina is married and is the mother of three children.



Hibiscus Women Staff

Photo: Ronda, Bridgett, Antoinette and Natrina

Office Staff

Ronda is the front desk receptionist. She will sign you in when you arrive and check you out when you leave. She is married and mother of three. She has been in the medical field for over 6 years. She will help you anyway she can and she loves the babies!! Ronda has been with Dr.Wolk since March 2014

Bridgett is a Medical Assistant who assist with patients with Dr.Wolk and draws blood in the office. She is excellent at drawing blood. She is the mother of three. Bridgett has been with Dr.Wolk since August 2013( in the new office).

Antoinette is our Family Nurse Practitioner. Click here for her bio.